Cheetah on Top of the Safari Vehicle

Top 5 African Safari Videos (Must Watch)

1. Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla An unforgettable encounter between man and beast! Wish I was there! Would you like to see these great...

10 Less Known Wildlife Safari Parks in Africa

Africa is the mother of all wildlife safaris. There are lots of national parks to visit for game viewing in Africa. Here are 10...
Mountain Gorilla

10 Interesting Facts About Mountain Gorillas

Are you primatologist, conservationist or trekker? Are there some facts that you know about the rare mountain gorillas or you are interested in exploring...

5 Of the Best Places to See Gorillas in Africa

One of the adventures not to miss while on a safari in Africa is gorilla trekking, a wildlife experience that can be done in...
Traveling Safe

Is It Safe to Travel to Africa

What most travelers want to know before their actual trip is to find out if Africa is really safe for them to visit. Africa...
Masai Mara Wildlife

Top 10 Things to See in East Africa

East Africa is that one region with magical natural wonders. And unlike before when most of you have always stopped in South Africa thinking...


Mpanga Kipengere Game Reserve

Exploring Mpanga Kipengere Game Reserve

Located within Njombe Region of the southern Highlands of Tanzania, at the northern end of Kipengere Range (Livingstone Mountain Range) is a Protected Area...

10 Less Known African Wildlife Parks and Reserves

The second largest continent on the globe, Africa is far more nuanced and diverse than many mainstream media accounts imply. A broad array of...
Nairobi City

Top 5 Cities in East Africa

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