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NAME OF THE COMPANY: M/S. Travel Explore Africa Ltd

ADDRESS : P.O. Box 33461, Kampala Uganda, Suite 15 Hotel Areba Biulding (12kms from Entebbe Airport).
Kampala, Uganda.

Telephone No.: +256 (0) 776566077/ 756771667

E-mail : [email protected]

Website :

HEAD OF THE COMPANY: Mr. Mawejje Gaster

DESIGNATION : Managing Director


INBOUND LEISURE : Mr. MawejjeGaster

: Mr.Bisaso Wilson





We are:

  • Non – IATA agent
  • Inbound agent
  • Travel agent
  • Outbound agent


Travel Explore Africa Ltd was founded in 2011 by a young and professional and also Entrepreneurs, Mr.Mawejje Gaster and Mr. Bisaso Wilson . They set up a professional company with the intention to improve the quality of tour operations in Uganda and in the neighboring country Rwanda. The company started with limited resources, but over the years we hope to develop and become one of the leading travel companies in Uganda and in East Africa.


The vision of Travel Explore Africa Ltd is to develop the local tourism private company with the international corporation and networks that will operate in Uganda and Rwanda. Travel Explore Africa Ltd seeks to provide first class flexible service to our clients and promote the image of our country Uganda as an unequalled tourism destination in the world.


The mission of Travel Explore Africa Ltd is to provide unique, luxury, moderate and budget tours and travel experiences, for a niche market without discriminating any one, which results in their satisfaction, evidenced by repeat bookings as well as favorable word of mouth comments. Secondly, to offer first class holidays, tours and guiding services, which promote our country Uganda as a primary tourism destination to travelers.We design flexible packages that suit the client’s needs and budget. These include: pre packaged tours and these does not limit the traveller’s choice to request for a tailor made safari with the help of nature Trail member or team.

COMPANY VALUES The underlying corporate values keystone for Travel Explore Africa is care; professionalism and dedication are some of the core values that strengthen the business approach. Include among others as shown below:

Foundational Values ensuing benefit Values

  • Integrity and honesty
  • Innovation
  • Customer orientation
  • Accuracy
  • Commitment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Responsiveness

Resultant benefit Values

  • Customer service/Care
  • Excellence
  • Empowerment
  • Community benefit
  • Achievement
  • Competitive edge
  • Market Leader
  • Innovation

Service Feature Values Legacy Values

  • Quality service
  • Creativity
  • Reliability


  • Credibility
  • Consistency
  • Accessibility

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