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Our Travel Social responsibility

Travel Explore Africa Safaris Ltd is highly mindful of the necessity to guard the nature and to make sure that the local community benefits from tourism as well. By working with the different local communities in Uganda, we have managed to extend assistance to various interest groups such as offering technical assistance to Buduuda Victim in the Eastern Uganda, The Batwa community in Kisoro district (Southern Bwindi). We also support African Orphanage Care Association. You can visit them on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/africanorphanage

Social ResponsibilityWe are ensuring sustainable conservation as the pressure on the national park, which is also home to the rare and endangered mountain gorilla is significantly reduced. Besides this, We also support eco-lodges like Jacana Safari Lodge, which are built with wood and other materials from the surroundings, doing every effort to conserve the environment with low impact. From its conception, we also use the services of Mabamba Swamp, Bigodi Swamp heritage trails and Ssezibwa Falls.


African Orphanage Care Association , WE ARE PARTNERS



Please contact any organization of your choice, or if you need recommendations, our extensive network of contacts in Africa will be able to arrange for appropriate organization to accept your gift. Visiting the organization to present your gift and for a tour of their work is encouraged. For many people, this is the highlight of their trip.

Commonly donated items include such things as.

  • Used clothing in good condition.
  • Underpants must be in new packaging.
  • Health care supplies.
  • Used Electronics.
  • Sports equipments for schools.
  • Schools supplies.

There are never any problems bringing supplies into Uganda, even prescription medicine that is not yours. Customs officials are happy to guests bringing supplies to schools or Clinics.

Amari Uganda’s purpose is to see street children reformed, off the streets and sharing their testimonies and involving them in building the nation. We want to see that every child gets a chance at real life through education, rehabilitation, resettlement and healthcare as well as empowering their talents and skills to be able to make a positive contribution to their lives and community.

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