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Are you organizing a stag or hen party, but don’t know where to go? We compiled this top 5 with the very best places in the world to celebrate a stag or hen party.


A perfect destination for a stag or hen party is Barcelona. This cultural and sunny city had loads of activities to celebrate a lovely stag or hen party weekend!

A great way to start the weekend for the ladies is with some Salsa or Flamenco dancing classes. These classes are offered throughout the city. After some dancing it’s time for some tapas. Barcelona has many good tapas restaurants and also a lot of good tapas cooking courses… So whether you would like to create your own tapas or just enjoy a great tapas dinner made by a chef, Barcelona has enough to offer… Other popular girlie activities are wine tasting and off course shopping.

For men Barcelona also has loads to offer. They could start their weekend with a treasure hunt a la Pirates of the Caribbean or go kayaking and explore the beautiful Costa Brava! The beach of the Costa Brava is perfect for a nice barbecue. Also great are the football packages to Barcelona’s popular football stadium Camp Nou.

Going out in Barcelona is spectacular for everyone. It has many trendy clubs to party until the early hours. For a special night like a stag or hen party you should arrange VIP club entrance, which can be arranged in many clubs.

The perfect stay for your weekend in Barcelona is Hotel Barcelona Princess.


Amsterdam is also a great city for a stag or a hen party. You could start in the afternoon with making the famous Dutch wooden shoes; “klompen” or something else that’s typically Dutch: make Dutch cheese. The city is also renowned for its endless shopping streets and beer tasting. Amsterdam has restaurants for everyone’s taste. Whether it is Indian, Argentinean, Thai or a Dutch pancake house, it’s all there. The restaurants of hotel Okura are famous for their magnificent cuisine. In the evening you should visit a brown café, this are small, cosy café’s. For a great dinner and a nice stay you should stay at hotel Okura.


London really is a city that never sleeps and so a great place for a stag or hen evening. A great way to get ready for this evening for the girls is to visit Space NK. Space NK has luxury make-up and has stores throughout London. Here you can arrange lovely make-up parties. You can also opt for the Beyoncé’s Single Ladies dance class. In this class you will learn how to dance like Beyoncé and it will sure be a lot of fun. London has many good restaurants from fish and chips until Japanese, so it is great for everyone’s taste. A glamorous way of getting to the club is by limousine, this can be easily arranged because there are many limousine hire companies in the city. London has several big clubs but if you prefer to go for beers in the pubs then London is also the perfect place for you party.


Relax in luxury in the world’s most luxurious destination… Dubai. Why not spend the already stressful time before your wedding in a relaxation paradise. A great way to celebrate a stag or hen weekend is to hire a yacht for a few days. Cruise along the white sandy beaches of Dubai, dive from the yacht into the sparkling blue water. What is better than unwind and party on your own private yacht with your friends? In case you’re getting sea sick you can always stay overnight in a luxurious hotel. A great stay would be at hotel Al Hamra Fort.


Berlin is known as the party capital of Europe and therefore the perfect place for a stag or hen party. Your clothes for the day are typical German Lederhosen for the guys and the Dirndl for the girls (which is a typical German dress). Experience the city by taking the Beer Bike through the streets of Berlin. This Beer Bike is actually a riding bar, where you can sit on with your friends and enjoy German beers. A great evening for the guys would be in Berlin’s massive casino “Spielbank Berlin” on the Potsdamer Platz. This is a casino with four floors and it offers a wide selection of games. A yummy activity for the ladies is a cocktail class in one of Berlin’s trendy clubs.

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Author: Kristel van Winkel

One particular way to take advantage of summer and love a great weekend in Rome is to examine it whereas riding a bike.

There are most paths you can travel in this way, some of which allow you to examine lesser identified regions of the city m, equally striking and in specific permit to pay a visit to parks and green locations which other minds would stroll farther to reach and probably would at some point stand aside and not taken into consideration as travel destinations, or even stages.

A nice concept is to get into town by public transport this kind of as buses or trains, then rent a bicycle with which to get pleasure from walks and visits unusual monuments. An interesting route is the one particular that offers the route of the several bike paths that are not readily offered inside the city or these that cross the Tiber from the banks, which in spring are actual dives in nature (while they the defect of not currently being implemented when river water levels rise because they are fully submerged).

The proposed route is 16 miles but offered the many functions and sustainable you can do is not tiring at all, rather it shows full of concepts and elements to see. In addition, the route is slightly downhill with a slip among the level and river and road and winds by sections of bike path, no matter whether created by the renowned Sanpietrini and some sudden, speedy motion and nonetheless be covered in a secure manner, with the slightly uneven road but, all well marked with acceptable directions. This program is pretty intriguing given that it delivers a particular point of view of the city compared to how you take a look at and you observe that the usual way from the bottom.

Commencing from Ponte Milvio the countless tracts of newly built bike path lets you pedal to the banks of the Tiber, which permit you to keep in close make contact with with nature, water and away from targeted traffic noise and all of its tracks as we are talking about are beneath street degree, a privileged point of view, for this reason, that permits us to capture the facts that would otherwise go unnoticed and sidelined from the wonderful architectural and artistic works of the eternal city.

Is in truth reached the prestigious embankments of the Tiber from Ponte Milvio past the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foro Italico and then go through the Tiber by Michelangelo and pass the Ponte Cavour. You will enter the most intriguing section is rich in monuments of the entire route that allows you to see Castel S. Angelo and the Vatican. Continuing in the track marked by cobblestone bridge goes Vittorio Emanuele and you can walk along the slopes of the Gianicolo. Crossing the Piazza Sisto you can access Trilussa Tiber Island wherever they land and then the boats that cross the River. From there, the bike path leads to Portaportese prior to reaching the viaduct Eur Magliana and reach the station in the identical neighborhood.

Author: Martina Celegato

Cat toilet education in simple methods:

Toilet training your cat is an easier process than you may possibly believe. Quite a few approaches can be employed for teaching your cat to use the toilet, and you can even invest in products that will help you in toilet education a cat.

The benefits of cat toilet coaching:

Teaching your cat to use the toilet can hold many rewards for any cat owner. The most significant benefit of getting your cat use a toilet is that eliminates most of the disadvantages that making use of cat litter holds. Cat litter is steeply-priced. Soon after toilet teaching your cat, you will not ever need to buy cat litter once again. Cat litter boxes requirements to be cleaned often or they will become smelly. With cat toilet education, the water in the toilet masks most of the offending smell and all you will need to do is flush on a regular basis – very much easier and much easier than cleaning a litter box. Going away for weekends or holidays also becomes simpler for your neighbor – as a substitute of asking someone to clean out the litter box, all they want to do is flush your toilet after in a although (when they come about to water your plants and feed your cat).

How to toilet train a cat (do it by yourself):

Toilet education your cat depends totally on the cat’s character. Toilet instruction sociable cats that enjoy staying praised make the teaching process a lot easier. You could want to adapt the toilet coaching strategy described beneath to match your cat’s character. Training your cat to use the toilet can take something between two weeks up to 3 months, based on the individual cat’s personality.

Cat toilet teaching in essence consists of a easy process: steadily moving your cat’s litter box closer and closer to the toilet, ultimately placing a bowl with cat litter inside the toilet, and removing it altogether when your cat is cozy and implemented to it. Toilet instruction a cat is a gradual, step-by-step approach, consisting of creating compact changes to the location of the litter box and only continuing to the up coming step when your cat is completely cozy with its latest circumstance. You may well have to wait anything between two days or 3 weeks just before moving on a following step in cat toilet teaching. You may perhaps even have to go back a step when or twice when it turns out that your cat wasn’t ready to move on to the following toilet teaching step. Beware – cat toilet coaching will take a great deal of patience!

Cat toilet teaching steps:

1. Begin steadily moving your cat’s litter box nearer to the toilet until lastly it need to be subsequent to the toilet. Make sure that your cat is generally comfy and certain of its litter box’s location.

two. Now commence elevating the cat’s litter box. Place a thing non-slippery like newspapers or cardboard underneath the litter box. A typical rate to raise the height of the litter box would be about 5cm a day, but be extraordinarily attentive to indicators that your cat is not comfortable with the current height, and adjust the pace of raising the litter box accordingly. The cat litter box should certainly be raised until it is at a degree height with the toilet bowl. Throughout this course of action it is fairly crucial to maintain the toilet lid open and the seat down, since your cat will get applied to it and may even start out climbing on the toilet seat in order to attain its litter box.

3. Move the litter box to rest on the open toilet seat. Maintain it there till your cat appears comfortable with this arrangement.

four. Buy a metal bowl or tray that will fit snugly within the toilet bowl. It would be advisable for the metal bowl to have modest draining holes. Fill the bowl with cat litter (preferably the flushable sort). Now take away your cat’s litter box completely. If you have reached this step successfully you are really close to possessing a toilet educated cat!

5. Whilst your cat is implementing the metal bowl within the toilet, be attentive to in which its paws are. The target is teaching him to squat with all 4 paws on the toilet seat rim. You can move the cat though it is working with the toilet and praise it (or reward it) when it is sitting in the appropriate position. Generally the cat will to start with sit entirely within the metal bowl, then with front paws on the toilet seat, and lastly it have to sit with all 4 paws on the toilet.

six. Start utilizing much less and less cat litter. This can get smelly, so be positive to clean the bowl right after every time your cat utilizes it. Cats scratch in sand or cat litter to cover up the smell (this is out of instinct), so if the bowl becomes too smelly your cat will not be cozy implementing it (and you in all probability would not be comfortable with using your toilet either). Implementing flushable cat litter makes cleansing the bowl highly simple and easy – just throw out the contents in the toilet and flush down, rinse out the bowl, refill with proper quantity of cat litter and replace. A handy tip is to spot newspaper on the floor all around the toilet to support keep the room clean must your cat scratch in the cat litter. Decrease the quantity of cat litter in a pace that your cat feels comfortable with.

7. When you in essence don’t use any cat litter within the bowl any longer, start off progressively filling the bowl with water. The water will also assistance mask the smell so your cat will be extra comfortable utilizing the toilet. Be attentive to your cat’s behavior by way of this entire approach – if your cat stops working with the bowl within the toilet, you might be moving on too quick and may perhaps have to have to go back a couple of techniques.

8. When the water degree in the bowl has reached about 4cm and your cat has no issue applying it, it is time to clear away the bowl entirely. Your cat ought to now be toilet trained. Try to remember to at all times leave the toilet seat up and flush routinely!

Solutions to assist you in toilet training your cat:

There are various cat toilet teaching kits attainable on the market. They generally consist of a tray that fits within the toilet, and with a hole in the middle that you can steadily make bigger. When deciding upon a cat toilet coaching kit, make certain that you order superior. The cat training kit ought to not be flimsy and have to be in a position to support your cat’s weight even when the hole becomes considerable. Be conscious of inexpensive, flimsy items you invest in at toy merchants or pet shops, simply because if your cat falls in, it could possibly loose interest in toilet education fully.

The disadvantages in toilet instruction your cat:

Not most people agrees that cat toilet training is such a wonderful plan. They argue that it is unnatural for a cat to use a toilet, as it goes against their organic instincts to cover up their smell. Toilet seats can also be slippery and there may possibly be the danger of your cat injuring itself. Even if your cat does not fall in at all, he might grow to be anxious whenever he uses the toilet and going to the toilet can come to be an unpleasant activity.

A litter box also has the well being advantage in that it’s simpler to keep track of your cat’s urine for signs of infections or sickness.

Moving locations will also be harder for the cat, because a litter box can be moved simply but the cat will primary need to have to get used to working with the new toilet. With some cats this is no issue and they can become comfortable with the new toilet quite speedy, despite the fact that other cats may well be less adaptable.

Elements to remember when toilet teaching a cat:

The most essential point to recall is that the toilet instruction really should be accomplished gradually. Be extraordinarily patient and in no way rush to the subsequent step until you are certain that you cat is entirely cozy with the present setup.

Make applying the toilet as convenient as you can for the cat. Constantly remember to maintain the toilet seat up and the bathroom door open. When you have guests, guarantee that they also know about contemplating your cat. Flush the toilet frequently as cats do not like making use of smelly toilets.

For considerably more information and facts about intriguing facts about cats, cat urine complications and cat urine removers see

Author: Claudine du Plessis

The story of Pompeii has always fascinated travelers, which is why it is a sought after destination. Even while the city represented classic Roman life, the destruction of it has continuously been the fascinating element.

A Manual to the Significance of Pompeii for Travelers

At the time, Italy was a spot complete of ingenuity and historical significance. Rome was considered the most significant city in existence and the Roman Empire had expanded to conquer a lot of Europe, bringing each Roman and Italian influences to the rest of the globe. A single of the most fascinating stories of this time was the calamity that took location in Pompeii, the blog of 1 of the biggest and most destructive volcanic eruptions in history.

Pompeii was destroyed in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79 AD. When the volcano exploded, the entire city was covered in layers of ash and other volcanic matter. It was not rediscovered for 1,600 years. In 1599, there was an accidental discovery by the architect Fontana who was attempting to dig a new course for the Samo River. While the city was found at this time, a really serious try to dig up the remains of the place was not attempted till the year 1748. Later, archaeologists theorized that some of Pompeii will probably have been dug up in 1599, but when erotic frescoes were found, the nudity brought on early discoverers to rebury the area.

In the 1860′s, an excavator named Giuseppe Fiorelli observed that there have been pockets in the ash he was digging as a result of and that these represented areas wherever consumers had died. He came up with the technique of injecting plaster into these holes (left by the decomposition of the human bodies) and was in a position to unearth out substantially additional about how the Pompeiians lived and died. As the eruption left a great deal of of the residents of the town unable to escape, considerably of their life was left intact. Some died despite the fact that in the procedure of everyday actions.

The homes discovered preserved a comprehensive image of 1st Century AD life. The bath homes, private homes, and streets, covered fairly quickly with the ash from Mount Vesuvius, had been left exactly as they looked when employed throughout this era. Art on the walls of properties and in the streets had been preserved, permitting future generations to see the tastes and true strategies of life that early Italians had. Graffiti was even observed, enabling historians to see just what genuine street Latin looked like. Pompeii was preserved in the height of its reputation and wealth, and its riches were evident from what archaeologists uncovered there.

At this time, a check out to Pompeii is a step into the previous. When you stroll the remains, you are literally walking in the city as it was nearly two,000 years ago.

Author: Richard Monk

When the rare accident does occur, more and more people survive due to advances in aircraft manufacturing and design, air traffic control technology, emergency planning, and cabin safety.

Aviation manufacturers, air carriers, and the Federal Aviation Administration are proud of their contributions to aviation’s impressive safety record. You, the air traveler, play a very important role in aviation safety. You can take responsibility for your own safety.

Listen To The Safety Briefing

Keep Your Seat Belt Fastened

Obey Carry-On Baggage Restrictions

Wear Sensible Clothing Fly Smart.

Fly Smart. Be responsible for your safety and make your safe trip even safer.


Fly Smart travelers always listen to the safety briefing because they know that every aircraft is different. The following are some tips to ensure that you are familiar with the aircraft you are on:

Take the passenger safety card out of the seat pocket and follow along while you listen to the safety briefing. Always take a moment to review the card before subsequent takeoffs and landings.

One of the best things you can do to be prepared is to mentally plan the actions you would need to take in an emergency. As part of this plan, count seat rows between you and at least two exits.

If you have any questions about the safety procedures, ask the flight attendant. Flight attendants are professionals; they know about the safety procedures of the aircraft.


Of all the safety features aboard the aircraft, one of the most important is right at your fingertips – Your Seat Belt. In a recent study, nearly 300 turbulence-related serious injuries to passengers were reported over a 10- year period. None of the injured had their seat belts fastened. To prevent turbulence-related injuries, Fly Smart travelers should always:

Keep their seat belt fastened at all times. Make sure their seat belt is secured snugly and low across the hips.


Fly Smart travelers should be aware of what they bring on board.

Most airlines restrict carry-on baggage to two pieces per passenger.

Carry-on bags must be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. It’s a good idea to put the heavier items under the seat.

Carry-on items could become flying projectiles during turbulence. Heavy items and baggage with sharp corners can be hazardous.

Some hazardous materials are restricted. They can be dangerous if carried (or checked) on an aircraft. Following is a partial list of common articles from the home, workplace, or garage which, because of their physical or chemical properties, can pose a danger when transported.

Mace, tear gas, and other irritants

Aerosols containing flammable material (hair spray, deodorant, repellents), loaded firearms, loose ammunition, gasoline and other flammable materials propane, butane cylinders or refills, and lighter refills, wet-type batteries, e.g., as used in cars, fireworks and flares, safety or “strike-anywhere” matches (in checked baggage), paint and paint-related materials (thinners and cleaners), corrosive (acids), poisonous, infectious, and radioactive materials.

The above list is not all inclusive. There are certain exceptions for personal care, medical needs, and equipment to support physically challenged passengers. There are also provisions for sporting equipment. When in doubt, check with your airline.

In the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation, leave everything behind.


For ease of movement and protection in the unlikely event of an evacuation, Fly Smart travelers should follow these guidelines:

Wear clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, denim and leather. They offer the best protection. Synthetics may melt when they are heated.

Wear clothing that allows freedom of movement. Avoid restrictive clothing.

Wear low heeled shoes or boots. (Shoes with laces or straps are recommended. Avoid sandals.)

Arms and legs should be as fully covered as possible. (Long sleeves/pants are recommended.)



Sensible Clothing

Shirt – Long sleeved, natural fabrics.

Slacks/pants – Long, natural fabrics.

Shoes – Leather or canvas and low-heeled.

Child Safety Seat

Check with airline for policy on use before arrival at airport.

On Board the Aircraft

Safely stow carry-on baggage.

Wear seat belt snug and low across the hips.

Keep your seat belt fastened at all times.

If you take your shoes off, put them on before landing.

Review the passenger safety card before each takeoff and each landing.

Listen carefully to the safety briefing.

Ask questions if safety information is not clear.

Make a mental plan of the actions you would take in an emergency.

Be familiar with all exits.

Count seat rows between you and at least two exits.

Exit Row Seating

Listen to the safety briefing and/or read the written instructions for aircraft specifics.

You must be physically capable and willing to perform emergency actions. If not, request another seat.

You must know your responsibilities in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Ask questions if instructions are not clear.

Consider the effects of alcoholic beverages.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, you should be aware of the following.

Evacuation Slides

Jump feet first into center of slide.

Do not sit down to slide.

Place arms across chest, elbows in, and legs and feet together.

High-heeled shoes can damage slides.


Pull oxygen mask toward you to start oxygen flow.

Put your oxygen mask on as quickly as possible.

Help children and others with their masks.

Flotation Devices

Know where they are and how to use them.

Life vests (under seat, if available), life rafts, and some seat cushions and evacuation slides can be used as flotation devices.

Evacuating the Aircraft

Follow instructions of crew member (if possible).

Stay calm and proceed quickly to exit.

Leave all your possessions behind.

Fire or Smoke


– Use wet paper towel or handkerchief over nose and mouth.

– Move away from the source of fire and smoke.

On Ground

– Stay low.

– Proceed by your predetermined count of seat rows to exit(s) and/or

– Follow floor proximity lighting to an exit.

– Exit the aircraft.

– Leave all your possessions behind.

Outside the Aircraft

Move away from aircraft, fire, and smoke.

If possible, help those requiring assistance.

Remain alert for emergency vehicles.

Never go back into a burning aircraft.

Author: Jacky Uy