Gorilla tourism is perhaps the main adventure that attracts thousands to Africa for holidays and leisure but its gate pass price increase has instead promoted gorilla tourism in the region than never before. This is evidenced in countries like Uganda, Congo,and Rwanda that famed to the world for great gorilla trekking experience across the globe. Mountain gorillas are the most endangered wildlife species with an estimate of around 880 remaining in the world today and living in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo and nowhere else in the universe.

Change of Gorilla Permits Prices

When Rwanda revised its gorilla permit prices for conservation purposes from $750-$1500 per a trek. Many thought the impact of tourist numbers will kill Rwanda’s gorilla tourism. However, this just turned the destination as an exceptional luxury gorilla safari destination in Africa. Do you want to track gorillas in a luxury setting, style and Comfort? Rwanda’s volcanoes national park offers the best luxury gorilla trekking tours across the world with overnight stays at Bisente lodge, Sabinyo silverback lodge,mountain gorilla view lodge and Volcanoes lodge Rwanda.

Besides, the same circumstance made Uganda and Congo the most affordable gorilla safari destinations for all kinds of travelers, luxury, midrange and Budget hence attracting thousands to Africa. Gorilla permits are on high demand year round that without prior reservation, gorilla permit availability may lead to postponing of your upcoming gorilla tour. With the many habituated gorilla families in Uganda and Congo, tourists have higher chances of finding gorilla permit availability at the time of booking. Though would recommend one to book his or her gorilla safari tour at least a month before the tracking date. Uganda gorilla permits cost $600 and Congo $400 and even go low during low season months also known as gorilla promotional months.

Gorilla Trekking Experience

Once you look into the eyes of mountain gorillas, you understand why it’s important to protect these beautiful apes from being harmed. However, tracking them in their natural environment has been made open and easy for every one not only for wealth travelers. Your gorilla trekking experience contributes a lot to gorilla conservation so long as you love these wonderful creatures. Get an experience for life by visiting Africa and explore the incredible rain forests of Virunga national park, Bwindi National Park, Volcanoes National Park and Mgahinga National Park. Be one of the great heros in the gorilla protection and conservation by making it a regulation to track these rare Apes-Mountain gorillas.

Zimbabwe is planning to dehorn its roughly 800 rhinos, a measure aimed at curbing poaching activities in the country. The country has Black rhinos, which are smaller and rarer than the White rhino.

Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Board Member, Cephas Mudenda, said the organization was working with two private organizations to complete the programme, with 60 rhinos having been dehorned so far.

“Our strategy is to try and save the rhino. If the poachers know that the rhinos in our national parks do not have horns, they are unlikely to come and kill them,” said Mudenda. He added, however, that dehorning alone wasn’t a solution and more needed to be done to fight poaching.

According to NatParks, the intention is to complete dehorning across the country by the end of the year, both in national parks and on privately owned land.

So far, the exercise has covered Chipinge, Lake Kyle in Masvingo, Lake Chivero in Harare and Matopos in Bulawayo.

NatParks explains that dehorning is costly and it is seeking partners to help fund the initiative.