Exploring the Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori National park is situated in south-western Uganda on the eastern side of the western African rift valley. It also lies along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and the boarder of DRC along  the border of Virunga National park. It’s also located in the districtsof Kabarole, kasese and Bundibugyo. The park was established in 1991 and was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 due to its natural outstanding beauty. Its 1,000km in size and has got the highest mountain peak with waterfalls,lakes as well as glaciers. This national park is known for its fantastic plant life.

The park also as most of its centre and the eastern half of it covered with Rwenzori Mountains. This mountain is the highest mountain range in the whole of Africa with also Africa’s highest mountain peak, six peaks including mount Stanley, Speke, Gessi, Emin Pasha, Luigi da Savoia and Mount Baker. The main peaks here can also be compared to those of Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. This national park has also got glaciers waterfalls, lakes, snowfields, and it’s one of the most beautiful mountains inAfrica.

This national park has also got 217 bird species, 70mammal species, 19 albertine Rift endemics and the world’s rarest vegetation cover. These are also known as the mountains of the moon. The equatorial snowpeaks also include; the third highest point in Africa, with its lower slopesthat are covered in the moorland, bamboo, the moist montane forest, the colourful mosses, the huge tree heathers and these are swathed across the mountainside with the giant lobelias as well as the everlasting flowers that create a very charming fairy-tale scene.

These are also world class hiking and mounteering destinations, you can enjoy a 9 to 11 day hike with the skilled climbers to the summit of the Margherita which is the highest peak.  This mountain is only 80 miles but has one of the most theatrical diversities of the ecosystems in the world. It has also got5 different zones of the habituation generating a world of great biodiversity.

This mountain range was named Rwenzori by the European explorer Henry M Stanley , the mountain has also got different vegetation including; the African savannah, with animals including the zebrasand the elephants, the rain forests, bamboo forest, Heath zone, and Alpine  Zone, The main tourist activities here include; Bird watching which is also a great opportunity with in the montane forest and some of the species hereinclude; the bee eaters, the Robins, sun birds, the barbets and some of the 217species that are found in Rwenzori Mountains National park. There are also the cultural encounters were you discover the farming villages of Ruboni which is home to over 2000 Bakonzo with in the foothills of the mountain. You walk with the villagers as they show their daily activities including tending to the animals and crops to preparing meals with the freshest ingredients. The other activities also include; hiking and the nature walks, mountain or volcano climbing, and many more.

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