Exploring Mpanga Kipengere Game Reserve
Mpanga Kipengere Game Reserve

Located within Njombe Region of the southern Highlands of Tanzania, at the northern end of Kipengere Range (Livingstone Mountain Range) is a Protected Area known as Mpanga-Kipengere Game Reserve. It is nestled partly within Wanging’ombe District and partially in Makete District, on the northern edge of the Volcanic Livingstone-Kipengere Mountain range.

Tributaries of the Great Ruaha River that start from this Game Reserve such as Ipera, Mlomboji, Mbarali and Kimani River all flow mainly northwards. The altitude of the Reserve ranges from 1800 meters (5906 feet) above sea level to 23000 meters (75,459 feet) above sea level but also extends for an area of 1574 square kilometers (608 square miles).

It is known for its extraordinary flora and fauna, cultural Heritage and breathtaking scenery within the Kimani waterfalls and Nyumba Nitu Forest that are undeniably very attractive for nature tourism. On top of the conservation and preservation of wildlife species, Mpanga-Kipengere Game Reserve is considered a significant catchment Area for the headwaters (source) of a number of Rivers like Ipera, Mbarali, Kimani and Mlomboji that feed into the mighty Ruaha River that supplies water to the Usangu wetlands.

When it comes to beautiful sceneries, this Reserve cannot be surpassed with the Mpanga Highlands, Kipengere ranges (south-west highlands of Tanzania at the northern edge of Lake Nyasa and Matema beach near Malawi border but runs south-east being part of eastern rift valley escarpment reaching Mozambique), Chafukwe and Lugala Mountains providing sceneries of green mountains, remarkable valleys and plains. The Chafukwe Mountains are particularly perfect for recreation where visitors can relish the breathtaking views of the lush mountains ranges and surrounding areas. Additionally, there are several natural wonders around these areas including rivers, cascading waterfalls and breathtaking flowers such as tuberous orchids.

While at the top of Kipengere mountain range, tourists can clearly relish the views of Lake Nyasa and Matema Beach (one of the popular beaches within Mbeya region). An exceptional Montane Forest type within Tanzania (Southern Rift Montane Woodlands) covers the largest part of the Game Reserve

Attractions within the Game Reserve

This area is rich in both flora and fauna including numerous species of mammals (totaling to 28 indigenous species) such as primates (yellow baboons and black and white colobus monkeys), rodents as well as bird species including the Denham’s Bustard, migratory birds like the Abdimis Storks and Blue swallows and reptiles among others. This area is known for numerous endemic species like the nosed chameleons, the rare Fufumka bird, the marsh widow, Kipengere seedeaters and Njombe Cisticola among others.

Tourist Activities within Mpanga-Kipengere Game Reserve

Activities to enjoy within the Game Reserve include mountaineering, hiking, trekking and walking around the Chafukwe Mountains.

Therefore, Mpanga-Kipengere Game Reserve is famous for spectacular landscapes in form of Chafukwe and Lugala mountains, Mpanga highlands, Kipengere ranges and magical valleys as well as mammals, birds, reptiles and Amphibians among others.

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