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For birders, the republic of Rwanda has a number of bird species. Approximately 735 bird species have been recorded in the country and these include the 44 Albertine rift endemics plus 4 pure endemics. The Avian tourism potentials within the country have been over shadowed by the endangered mountain gorillas though. This dominance over bird watching has been due to lack of publicity and awareness about the bird watching products. Considering the size of the country however, Rwanda has the highest concentration of bird species in Africa. The wildlife tours in Rwanda has very trained birding guides who have been working in many protected areas in the country. The experience in the ecosystem of the rain forest and Savannah and provide an interesting and fascinating birding tours. Most clients and tourist help our clients in the trip planning selection of the best birding routes and ensure that they have ever lasting memories for the country through our dedicated services.

The main birding routes in the Republic of Rwanda are accessible and are very safe for independent birders for example the Akagera National park has over 525 bird species including the rare shoe bill stock plus 4 endemics of Nyungwe National park has approximately 283 bird species with 27 endemics. The highest concentration of the Albertine Rift endemics of anywhere in the world and volcanoes National park has approximately 90 species with 13 endemics. Within the country there are several birding routes in Kigali and the greater route, Nyabarongo route.

The birding Code of Conduct

The acceptable birding code of conduct is;

As a birder you must always act in the ways that do not endanger the welfare of birder of other wildlife in the keeping with this principle;

  • You should observe and photograph birds without knowingly disturbing them in any significant way
  • You should avoid chasing and repeatedly flushing
  • You should only sparingly use recordings and similar methods of attracting birds and not use the methods in heavily birded areas during breeding season
  • You should keep an appropriate distance from the nests and nesting colonies so as to disturb them or expose them to danger. Refrain from handling birds or eggs unless engaged in the recognized research activities.

As birders, you must always act in ways that do not harm the natural environment and keeping with these principles will;

  • You should stay on the existing roads, trails and pathways whenever possible to avoid trampling or otherwise disturbing
  • You should leave all habitat as we you found
  • The birders must always respect the rights of other in keeping with this principle where we will respect the privacy and property of others by observing. There is no trespassing, signs, and by asking permission to enter private or posted lands.
  • You should practice the common courtesy in our contracts with other where you will limit our requests for information where deemed in appropriate and will make them at a reasonable hours of the day.
  • You should always behave in a manner that will enhance the image of the birding community in the eyes of the public
  • If you are in big groups you should assume special responsibilities and a group members will take very special care to alleviate the problems and disturbances that are multiplied when more people are present. You should act in consideration of the group’s interest as well as our own
  • You should also assume responsibility for the conduct of the group and also learn to inform the group of any special rules, regulations or do conduct applicable to the area or habitat being visited.

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