Water Sports to Enjoy in Rwanda

Water sports are part of the interesting activities you can enjoy within the Land of a thousand Hills. The activity tremendously relies on the weather which sometimes determines the level of safety and is always the priority when dealing with human life. Not only that, perfect timing while considering the changing wind is also very important.

Rwanda, sometimes known as the Switzerland of Africa or the Land of a thousand Hills is not only known for mountain gorilla tracking but also other activities including exhilarating water sport activities. This country is one of the exceptional destinations in East Africa where water sport activities are conducted hence you can visit to enjoy some of the activities. The best places to engage in waters sports in Rwanda include Lake Kivu, Lake Ihema and Lake Muhazi.

Of all the mentioned places, Lake Kivu is the most preferred destination for water sport activities such as Kayaking, swimming, fishing, canoeing in addition to exhilarating boat rides among others. This fresh water Lake has crystal clear water and a sea atmosphere in addition to its temperate climate that is very conducive for tourists who visit the destination.

Most lakeshore hotels are found within Lake Kivu and they offer wonderful water sport equipments for hiring, reservations and booking through their Reservation offices/front desks. This lake can be visited and the water sport activities can be enjoyed at anytime of the year. Other hotels within Karongi also offer water sport activities in addition to the equipments.

Jambo Beach-Lake Muhazi’s largest and pristine sandy beach is found at approximately 60 kilometers/37 miles East of Kigali City. Just along the shores of the Lake you will see some boats that are always driven by the local tour guides who are very familiar with the area hence will make you enjoy the entire Rwanda safari experience. Not only that, Lake Ihema also offers opportunities of boat rides as well as fishing for tourists who visit Rwanda for safaris.

Lake Kivu is the largest of the numerous freshwater bodies within the Land of a thousand Hills hence a perfect get away spot for leisure along the western banks of this wonderful Lakes. For those who would like active adventures, Nyungwe Forest the best destination for primate safaris is just a stone throw away from Lake Kivu. You can stay in Kibuye and go for chimpanzee tracking.

There are also a number of other Lakes that include twin Lakes of Bulera and Ruhondo which are near Volcanoes National Park, the capital for gorilla trekking hence perfect for relaxing after the adventurous activity. Lake Muhazi is about 90 minutes drive from Kigali City and is one of Rwanda’s beautiful treasures. It is located in eastern Province of Rwanda of Rwanda and is a perfect place for a day trip away from the Capital where you will relish fresh fish as you watch sunset over the small boats along the shores of this Lake.

Akagera National Park is a home to over 10 Lakes, some of which are watering places for cattle and wildlife species as well as being a birding spot. The country’s Lakes offer tourists with an insight to the traditional African lifestyles. The bird species here are spectacular and the notable ones include African fish eagles, Pelicans, the grey crowned cranes, Kingfishers and the elusive shoebill stork.

Gisenyi Town is one of the best Resort Towns in Rwanda, about an hour’s drive from Volcanoes National Park. Other Resort Towns include Rusizi, which is near Nyungwe Forest National Park and characterized by narrow valleys and Karongi with spectacular beaches and wonderful accommodation facilities that overlook the pine-covered hills.

In conclusion, besides gorilla trekking that draws thousands of tourists into Rwanda, this country is also famous for water sports that include canoeing, fishing, kayaking, boat rides and swimming, to mention but a few. These exhilarating activities are conducted from Lake Kivu, Lake Ihema and Lake Muhazi among others.

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